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Here you can find published short stories, poems, and upcoming works!


Across the Margin

A short story inspired by the thought-provoking question: Is it better to see someone for who they are or who you know they can be? A work with longing, fondness, and nostalgia all wrapped in one. It was published January of 2023 on the Across the Margin, an Arts and Culture webzine/publishing company. Saudade was recently selected as one of Across the Margin's Best Of stories published in 2023. She has been invited to record her story and share it on their podcast. Stay tuned!

Half and One

Unnoticed, a vulnerable poem about the transition to womanhood, was published in March 2023 by Half and One. Half and One is a space for journalism and narrative non-fiction, art and creativity, prose and poetry. 

Illustration by Nicole Kharjana

sad poem PAPS lit.jpeg

Poetry as Promised Literary Magazine

S.A.D., also known as Seasonal Depression Disorder, is the title of a poem published in the winter 2023 edition of Poetry as Promised Literary Magazine. 

Roi Fainéant Literary Press

Treading Water, published February of 2023, is a poem that dives deep into the abyss of codependency. It's a potent ode to those who have struggled in silence.

Treading Water pic.png
Fly Away pic.jpg

50-Word Stories

Bite-sized fiction published August, 2023.


Natalie's essay, a vulnerable and honest ode to motherhood, was published in the literary magazine dedicated to empowering women in December, 2023.

Mother and Daughter
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