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Here you can find published short stories, poems, and upcoming works!


Across the Margin

A short story inspired by the thought-provoking question: Is it better to see someone for who they are or who you know they can be? A work with longing, fondness, and nostalgia all wrapped in one. It was published January of 2023 on the Across the Margin, an Arts and Culture webzine/publishing company. Saudade was recently selected as one of Across the Margin's Best Of stories published in 2023. UPDATE: Saudade was also chosen to be featured on Across The Margin's Podcast, ATM Storytellers, where stories are read by the authors themselves. Catch Season 3, Episode 1 on Apple Podcasts or Spotify! 

Half and One

Unnoticed, a vulnerable poem about the transition to womanhood, was published in March 2023 by Half and One. Half and One is a space for journalism and narrative non-fiction, art and creativity, prose and poetry. 

Illustration by Nicole Kharjana

sad poem PAPS lit.jpeg

Poetry as Promised Literary Magazine

S.A.D., also known as Seasonal Depression Disorder, is the title of a poem published in the winter 2023 edition of Poetry as Promised Literary Magazine. 

Roi Fainéant Literary Press

Treading Water, published February of 2023, is a poem that dives deep into the abyss of codependency. It's a potent ode to those who have struggled in silence.

Treading Water pic.png
Fly Away pic.jpg

50-Word Stories

Bite-sized fiction published August, 2023.


Natalie's essay, a vulnerable and honest ode to motherhood, was published in the literary magazine dedicated to empowering women in December, 2023.

Mother and Daughter
Image by Darren Nunis

Punk Noir Press

A short (200 word) and mostly-sweet story about betrayal. Published May 2024.

Epistemic Literary

A beautiful and raw short story on the struggle of dementia. Published June 15, 2024

Image by freddie marriage
Image by Silvestri Matteo

Don't Buy Me Flowers

tiny wren lit

A tiny poem with a big message.

Publishing late July/early August 2024.

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