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Natalie Nee's debut novel, BITTER, is a domestic thriller with strong romantic elements. It is currently on submission to publishers. She's recently signed with Dawn Dowdle to represent her debut picture book, Wishes in the Weeds. Her poems have been published in Half and One, Poetry As Promised Literary Magazine, Roi Fainéant Literary Press, and 50-Word Stories. Her short story, "Saudade", was published by the webzine Across the Margin, and according to their EIC, is a contender for their "Best of Across the Margin, 2023" list. 


Natalie graduated with honors from Colorado State University, earning a Bachelor of Science degree in Health and Exercise Science with a concentration of Sports Medicine. She previously worked as a ghostwriter for a team of doctors that are also published authors. Her work was featured weekly in their popular blog and newsletter. It was there she discovered her love of writing. 


She has worked on a freelance basis over the years as an editor and proofreader for various projects, websites, and curriculum vitae. Prior to creating adult novels, Natalie wrote eight children’s book manuscripts. When she’s not writing her next novel or getting lost in a book, Natalie can be found spending time with her husband or chasing her three kids around, usually with a cup of coffee in tow. Natalie's adult fiction is represented by Carol Woien of the Blue Ridge Literary Agency. She's cooler on Twitter (@WriterNatalieN). 


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