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Domestic thriller with romantic elements

A stunning journalist and author falls for a famous plastic surgeon, but soon discovers that not only does she eerily resemble his late-wife who died by what appeared to be an accident, but that when it comes to some secrets, the truth won’t always set you free.

Image by Stormseeker

Briana, Beta reader

"The most fantastic part of Bitter is waiting for you at the very end." 

Leisa, Beta reader

"I've been on many a wild ride, but what Natalie has artfully brought to life is one so unexpected, mysterious, and somehow, delightfully unsettling."

Loren, Beta reader

"Prepare to vanish from reality."
Dandelion Leaves

Wishes in the Weeds

Wishes in the Weeds

A heartwarming picture book that celebrates life, death, and the seasons in between. 

Colorful Books

Stay tuned for my debut novel, BITTER


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